The Summer School of the LOVE TO HATE project was successfully organized in the Monastery Paou, Pelion, Greece between 19 to 23 of September 2016. The Summer School entitled ''Pesticides and Soil Microbes in the Era of Omics: Technological Advances and New Challenges for the Industry and the Academia'' was attended by 16 students, 6 Early Stage Researchers - fellows of the LOVE TO HATE project  and 10 PhD students originated from Belgium, Denmark, Iran, Greece, Italy, UK and France. Internationally known experts presented the advances in the area of biodegradation, nutrient cycling, bioinformatics, metabolomics, genomics and microbial ecology, while the industrial view of the drastic changes occurring in the area of pesticide regulation was also addressed by industry experts.


Flyer of the Summer School 
Poster of the Summer School  


Tuesday 20 September 2016


Laurent Phillipot, INRA-Dijon: Microbial Community Ecology and N cycling


Maria Tourna, University of Thessaly: Sulfur cycle and sulfur oxidizing microbes


George Tsiamis, University of Patras: Analysis of amplicon sequencing data from next generation sequencing platforms


Wednesday 21 September 2016


Fabrice Martin-Laurent, INRA-Dijon: Standardization of methods in soil microbiology


Dimitrios Karpouzas, University of Thessaly: Functional metagenomics for the isolation of novel pesticide biocatalysts


Grigorios Amoutzias, University of Thessaly: Genomic analysis of bacteria


Thursday 22 September 2016


Danielle Daffonchio, KAUST: Unusual bacterial community assembly of a simplified consortium reductively dechlorinating 1,2-dichloroethane


Antonis Chatzinotas, UFZ-Leipzig: Ecological and evolutionary consequences of microbial interactions


Luigi Lucini, Universita Cattolica del Sacro Cuore: Applications of metabolomics in soil microbial ecology


Friday 23 September 2016


Paraskevi Kaliakaki, SYNGENTA HELLAS: Regulatory environment and sustainable use of plant protection products in EU and in Greece


Kostantinos Bozoglou, BASF HELLAS: Novel Biopesticides: Development and Prospects


Stefania Loutset, DuPont: Assessing the toxicity of pesticides to soil organisms




Frederic Bak presents his work  on the Monday afternoon session

Celine Baguelin presents her work in the LOVE TO HATE project

Dr Laurent Phillipot gives us insights into the role of microbes on N cycling

DrChatzinotas attends Tuesday's morning presentations from the window..

The project administrator Mrs Anastasia Voulgara resting in the garden of the Monastery

Dr George Tsiamis gives a presentation into amplicon sequencing applications in microbial ecology

Dr G. Amoutzias presents insights into the genomic analysis of prokaryotes and eukaryotes

Prof. D. Daffonchio is presenting a fascinating story about a bacterial consortium dechlorinating 1,2-dichloroethane

MrsKalliakaki from Syngenta presents an overview of the current environment of the pesticide market

MrBozoglou from BASF presented the current situation of the biopesticidesmarket

Mrs S. Loutseti from DuPont presented an overview of the current regulatory scheme regarding assessment of the toxicity of pesticides on soil organisms

DrTsiamis presenting the use of amplicon sequencing in microbial ecology





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