Video prepared by the University of Patras where Elias Assimakis explains the use of Phyllochip in microbial ecology studies
Video by INRA, Dijon, France describing the soil ISO standard DNA extraction protocol used for soil DNA extraction in the Love-To-Hate project



Video by ENOVEO, Lyon, France describing the determination of the effect of pesticides on soil microbial dynamics via q-PCR



Vasiliki Skiada, Early Stage Research seconded by University of Thessaly to ENOVEO talks about her experience and role in the Love-To-Hate project



Video of the preparation and execution of the field experiment performed in Piacenza, Italy by fellows and personnel of AEIFORIA


DGGE analysis of microbial community


High-throughput Fluorometric Measurement of... - Video Protocol(JOVE (2013) 81:e 50961)


Video from the Midterm Review Meeting of the LOVE TO HATE project which was held in Piacenza, Italy in December 14, 2014








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