Visits from Schools to University of Patras


The University of Patras organized the activity "The Schools go to the University".  Schools from the region visited the laboratory of the MGM group participating in the Love-to-Hate project, discussed with the researchers. Our primary goal was to give an opportunity for the students to become acquainted with the University and to arouse their interest in expanding their knowledge and raise their awareness of research.



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Maria Tourna, Biochemistry & Biotechnology,Greece,Larisa



At 15.4.2016 Dr Maria Tourna, ER Fellow of the LOVE TO HATE project, gave a presentation to the students of the Department of Biochemistry and Biotechnology, University of Thessaly about her career, her work and role in the LOVE TO HATE project and the life of a researcher




LOVE TO HATE project participated in the Researchers Night 2016  


The Love to Hate Group of the University of Thessaly participated in the Researchers Night which was held in Larissa, Greece on Friday 30 September 2016. A lot of visitors including young children visited the bench of the LOVE TO HATE group and watched in the microscope fungi growing inside the roots of plants, observed the bacteria and fungi being present in common object which we touch and carry with us every day like keys, mouse of the PC, our fingers, credit cards and won LOVE TO HATE t-shirts through a 'tipping' competition.



Researchers Night 2016






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