ENOVEO applies their extensive expertise and associated high-tech laboratory analyses to solving your environmental problems. Our experience with the problems encountered by industries and municipalities help us propose the best solutions.


Incorporated in May 2008 and located in Lyon, France, ENOVEO is a biotechnological company specialized in the management of the Environmental Microbial Resources. ENOVEO couples an understanding of soil and to a larger extend environmental processes to chemical and biological analyses, in order to develop and sustain adapted response to environmental pollution problems. ENOVEO has developed close collaborations with leading French and international academic teams in the field of microbial genetics, microbial ecology and chemistry. ENOVEO has become a key industrial partner for numerous research project involving metagenomics.



Our team provides solid technical support based on years of applied research with a large number of scientific and engineering publications as well as several patents. This experience and scientific productivity has led to international recognition of our team members, who are ready to apply their know-how to your environmental problems.

Olivier Sibourg (CEO) 



Olivier Sibourg is an analytical chemist with over 10 years experience in the remediation and environmental chemistry of polluted soil and groundwater. He has extensive experience ranging from analytical procedures and regulatory requirements to data management and analyses. He has participated in research and development of petroleum hydrocarbon, polychlorinated biphenyl (PCBs) and chlorinated solvent (and other pollutant) remediation technologies. He has over 5 years experience in managing (as CEO) environmental companies including ENOVEO and a leading European environmental analytical company.

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Dr.Cédric Malandain 



Dr.Cédric Malandain has been involved for almost 10 years in the development and application of molecular biology tools (MBTs) to environmental engineering. He has a PhD in environmental microbiology from the University of Lyon during which he helped develop ETBE (gasoline additive) bioluminescent biosensors in collaboration with the Center of Environmental Biotechnology (Knoxville, Tennessee) and the IFP (former French Petroleum Institute) in Paris.Since joining ENOVEO as a Chief Project Manager, he has been responsible for the development and application of applied environmental molecular biology tools and biotechnology.

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Dr.Maude M. David 

Maude David works as a postodoctoral researcher at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, in California. She graduated with a Bachelors in Biochemistry, and a Masters in Microbial Ecology at the University of Lyon. She completed her PhD at the Ecole Centrale Lyon on the “Bacterial Adaptation to Chlorinated Compounds”. Her work provides several scientific articles, especially on the development of molecular biology tools in order to analyze microbial activity in the environment, in particular during chlorinated solvent degradation.


Dr.Jean-Michel Monier 

Jean-Michel Monier is a research scientist in Environmental Microbiology. He received his MS in Microbial Ecology at the University of Lyon and his PhD in Environmental Science at the University of California, Berkeley. He has worked for 15 years on microbial biofilms related issues in different environments (plant, soil, wastewater...), biosensors and microbial fuel cells.


Céline Baguelin 

Céline Baguelin is a project engineer with ENOVEO after having completed her Bachelors in Biochemistry at the University of Rouen in France and her Masters in Microbial Ecology at the University of Lyon. She is responsible for bioengineering projects concerning soil and site bioremediation as well as compound biodegradation


Sandra Entresangles 

Sandra Entresangles works as a Sales Engineer for environmental biotechnologies at ENOVEO. She graduated with a Bachelors degree in Biology and a Masters degree in Applied Microbial Ecology at the University of Lyon, France.

Within ENOVEO, she has been responsible for technical projects, organized industrial conferences with environmental professionals and corporate EHS. She can provide details and explanations about ENOVEO’s technical solutions and costs.





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